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Hi friends,

Happy to announce that the project "Los Tangueros del Oeste" got nominated to a Latin Grammy.  Kudos to Sascha for this alternative tango project that he came up with during the pandemic, with the help of some of us SF Bay Area musicians.  

Happy Friday!

Upcoming Shows

July 30, 4pm, Trio Tangazo Piano Palace, 514 Kelly Ave, Half Moon Bay

July 29th, Trio Tangazo, Ashkenaz Milonga!!! in Berkeley, CA

Aug 5th, Our last epic DUO performance for a year(!) at Vecher, 2460 Sutter Street, SF, in duo with Seth Asarnow on piano.

July 23, Trio Tangazo ​Tune Fort, Los Altos House Concert

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Projects and Collaborations





Projects and Collaborations


Read an article about Adrian here


       Jost started down his musical path because he liked to push buttons. “It’s funny,” he concedes, “but at first it wasn’t really the music. When I was a kid, I drove everyone crazy switching switches and pushing buttons. My uncle was a pilot. He’d take me on flights. The cockpit had so many buttons – I was in heaven. One day my family visited a neighbor and he was playing the accordion. I saw all those buttons and thought, ‘This is what I want to do!’” His parents had other ideas. “It was not the kind of instrument you’d play in a symphony; it wasn’t a ‘respectable’ instrument,” Jost says. “My mother wanted me to play the violin, the piano … I tried them all very politely and at the end of every class, I said, ‘I want to play the accordion.’”  

Adrian Jost studied music in Switzerland.  As a young boy, he won the gold medal of the ARMA at age 11 after which studied the Bayan with Fritz Tschannen and Stephane Chapuis. He completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Yverdon, won a 1996 Landis&Gyr contest, that sent him to Chicago where he discovered Tango and completed a Master’s degree at Northwestern University where he started the transition to the iconic bandoneón.  In 2001,  he co-founded Trio Garufa, a popular San Francisco based tango group that that enthralled audiences throughout the West Coast, Argentina, Colombia, Canada and at various Tango festivals. 

His influences include Leopoldo Frederico, Salgan's Nuevo Quinteto Real, Aníbal Troilo and Julio Pane.  He has appeared as soloist with the San Jose Chamber Orchestra and performed alongside tango singer María Volonté, tango pianist Pépé Motta, San Francisco's Jazz Bassist Marcus Shelby and in duo with tango pianist Pablo Estigarribia. 


His discography includes Tango en el MateLa Segunda Tradición and El Rumor de tus tangos by Trio Garufa, Revirado  of Tango Pacifico, a five-piece tango group based in Portland, Oregon, playing the music of Astor Piazzolla, and eXtraordinary Rendition with Rupa and the April Fishes.



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some fun previous shows

Teatro León de Grieff, Bogotá, Colombia

Teatro Pablo Tobón, Medellín, Colombia

Teatro Municipal de Bahía Blanca, Argentina

The Old Church Concert Hall, Portland, Estigarribia-Jost

Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, San Francisco

Fillmore Jazz Festival, San Francisco

Tango show, solo bandoneón & dancers, SF

Ashkenaz, Berkeley, Milonga Garufa

Red Poppy Art House Concert (piano-bandoneón) with Pablo Estigarríbia

San Francisco International Arts Festival, Fort Mason

California Jazz Conservatory with Trio Garufa, Berkeley

Director's Park milonga, Portland, OR

San Jose Chamber Orchestra, San Jose CA

Duo with Seth Asarnow on piano, Berkeley City Club

Buenos Aires tour with Trio Garufa (tango dance clubs):

Salón Canning, La Viruta, Confitería Ideal, Villa Malcolm, La Catedral, Bien Pulenta

Piazzolla-themed tango concert with Asarnow, Furbee & Trio Garufa


Oct 13, Portland Tango Festival (at the Sunday dinner milonga), with Pablo and milonga

Aug 4th, Festival Mosaic, San Luis Obispo, CA

Friday June 14th, Berkeley Concert at the California Jazz Conservatory in duo


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