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Estigarribia - Jost 2020 West Coast Tour




Touring together again, Jost and Estigarríbia present

tangos for piano and bandoneón, as well as solo pieces.  From

classics to original compositions, their collaborations bring new

life into the heart of tango-- tradition layered with fresh

harmonies and perspectives; stories of life, love, and loss

articulated through the hands and minds of two great talents.


As a Duo they are found playing together in unique or notable

venues. Some of which have included The Palace Theater in

Hilo HI, Portland Tango Festival, Old Church Concert Hall in Portland, and The California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley. 

About Pablo:



The Artist, with a mission

The ascent to a new pinnacle in tango music evolution began when Pablo Estigarribia, a classically trained virtuoso Argentine tango pianist, arranger and composer, with a rich jazz influence, discovered tango in 2005. Upon winning a grant from the Orchestra School of Tango, under the directorship of the esteemed Emilio Balcarce, with whom Estigarribia also toured Italy, his performance career continued through Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Finland, Canada, USA and Cuba, in over 150 concerts, with elite orchestras as follows, Victor Lavallen Orchestra, Tango Pasión, Lisandro Adrover Quintet and his own ensemble, Meridional Sextet. His accomplishments include the prestigious Gardel Prize in 2015 for the best tango recording by a new artist on his album, Tangos Para Piano (EPSA), with the highest rating by a music critic from Clarín, the largest Newspaper in Argentina, the recognition of among the best tango musicians of his generation and a Medal of honor by the Argentine tango society. Celebrated by Japan in 2016 and highlighted in Seikyo Shimbun, a major Japanese newspaper, his success extended to the United States in 2017, with social media appearances on NBC, Telemundo, Univision, and mentioned in the Huffington Post.


Privileged to have studied, composed, arranged and performed with legendary tango figures such as Emilio Balcarce, Horacio Cabarcos, Maria Graña and Victor Lavallen, Estigarribia proudly continues the dissemination of knowledge and expertise of his lineage to the world. Reopening the passage of virtuoso tango music repertoire to musicians, Estigarribia published his original compositions and arrangements of traditional pieces, Tangos de Conciertos, which has been an instant hit among audiences and musicians of the US. Come and experience the exquisite fusion of classical textures, jazz harmonies and the traditional rhythm and structure of Argentine tango in Estigarribia’s powerful delivery of his unique, complex and virtuosic tango compositions.

Sample AUDIO









    Tangos para piano     Chapado a la antigua     De Menor a Mayor          Vida Mia

Sample VIDEO

Desde el alma (Solo)


Adios nonino (Sexteto)


El choclo (Trio)


Lo que vendra (Solo)





“Concert hall tango” is the very first book of Tango for piano solo written entirely in classical music notation by Pablo Estigarribia. It features 16 virtuosic tango , folklore arrangements and his original works -around 60 minutes of music - ready for every classically trained pianist to enjoy. (La cumparsita, Adiós Nonino and other classics included). Available on Amazon.  Click here for the sample score of “La Cumparsita”.


About Adrian Jost:

Jost started down his musical path because he liked to push buttons. “It’s funny,” he concedes, “but at first it wasn’t really the music. When I was a kid, I drove everyone crazy switching switches and pushing buttons. My uncle was a pilot. He’d take me on flights. The cockpit had so many buttons – I was in heaven. One day my family visited a neighbor and he was playing the accordion. I saw all those buttons and thought, ‘This is what I want to do!’” His parents had other ideas. “It was not the kind of instrument you’d play in a symphony; it wasn’t a ‘respectable’ instrument,” Jost says. “My mother wanted me to play the violin, the piano … I tried them all very politely and at the end of every class, I said, ‘I want to play the accordion.’”  

Born on the French Riviera, he first studied the accordion and bayan before coming to the U.S. to pursue a Master’s at Northwestern University. It was there that Adrian discovered Argentine tango and started the transition to the iconic bandoneón. In 2001, he co-founded Trio Garufa, a popular San Francisco-based tango group that enthralled audiences in the U.S., Europe, Argentina, Colombia, and Canada. Recent invitations to perform include the Mosaic Classical Festival in San Luis Obispo, Fillmore Jazz Festival in San Francisco, and San Jose Chamber Orchestra.


His discography includes Tango en el Mate, La Segunda Tradición and El Rumor de tus tangos by Trio Garufa, Revirado of Tango Pacifico, a five-piece tango group based in Portland , Oregon, which specializes in the music of Astor Piazzolla, eXtraordinary Rendition with Rupa and the April Fishes.

Sample VIDEO

La Ultima Curda (duo)

Sample AUDIO

         CD Baby                              Libertango                     Maintenant                     Silueta Porteña          Portland Piazzolla quint

Upcoming concerts of Pablo and Adrian in duo at

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